IMS 2017, Honolulu, USA

June 4-9, 2017
Exhibition booth 648

From 04 - 09 June 2017, IMST will present innovations from the field of circuit design in addition to their extensive offering of services and products for communication technology at IMS in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The new 3D EM solver EMPIRE XPU 7.53 will be presented which covers nearly all today’s design challenges for RF designers, like antennas, passive circuits, packages, waveguides and EMC/EMI problems. EMPIRE XPU enables accurate full 3D EM design of larger and more complex structures compared to conventional EM simulation tools.

As a special highlight, we present a very different way of viewing electronic circuits for the first time. With Vive® virtual reality glasses and software developed by IMST, you have the opportunity to walk through various 3D designs or even have a look from the bird’s perspective.

Come and experience the new possibilities and have a discussion with our experts at Booth 648.

"EMPIRE XPU – Efficient Solving of Large Scale EM Problems"