EMPIRE XPU is one of the leading 3D EM field solvers for RF and microwave antennas, components, and systems. Due to its unique on-the-fly compilation it has proven to be the fastest simulation engine which allows the modeling of highly complex structures within minutes. Read more...


Latest News

EMPIRE XPU 7.71 Released

May 2019
Update now available

Nuhertz Partnership

Feb 2019
Nuhertz Announces Integrations Partnership with IMST Empire XPU and Mentor HyperLynx

EMPIRE XPU 7.70 Released

Dec 2018
Many new features

Application: 60 GHz on-chip balun: effect of dummy metal fill

Jul 2018
A new application note has been published by our partner Dr. Volker Mühlhaus

EMPIRE XPU 7.62 Released

Jul 2018
Update now available

EMPIRE XPU 7.61 Released

Mar 2018
Update now available

EMPIRE XPU 7.60 Released

Dec 2017
New helpful features

EMPIRE Learning Experiments 7.50

Mar 2017
EMPIRE XPU experiment tutorials are available

Speed record for EM simulation with FDTD: 21000 MCells/s

Nov 2016
A new speed record for EM simultion with FDTD has been obtained with EMPIRE XPU 7.51

EMPIRE XPU 7.50 Released

Aug 2016
Innovative and intuitive version

New Reseller for North America

Jul 2016
Electro Rent Becomes Authorized Preferred Reseller
and Rental Partner for IMST, GmbH

Successful Code Compliance Benchmark

Nov 2015
EMPIRE XPU fulfills all requirements defined in IEC/IEEE 62704-1/D2 draft standard

New speed record: 7000 MCells/s

Jul 2015
A new speed record has been obtained with EMPIRE XPU

EMPIRE XPU 7.00 Released

Dec 2014
Faster, easier and more powerful version

EMPIRE Learning Experiments

Jan 2014
EMPIRE XCcel experiment tutorials are available

EMPIRE Videos on YouTube

Sep 2013
EMPIRE XCcel video tutorials are published on YouTube

New speed record: 5600 MCells/s

Jul 2013
A new speed record has been obtained with EMPIRE XCcel

New Sales Agency for India

Jan 2013
IMST and Ambition Technologies collaborate on EMPIRE sales and support in India

New Video Tutorials

Nov 2012
EMPIRE XCcel video tutorials are available for version 6.0

EMPIRE XCcel on Windows 8

Oct 2012
EMPIRE XCcel v6.00 has been successfully tested on Windows 8

EMPIRE XCcel 6.00 released

Jun 2012
Fantastic new features

New speed record: 2950 MCells/s

Jan 2012
A new speed record has been obtained with EMPIRE XCcel