IWMF 2018, Nordwijk, The Netherlands

Apr 17-19, 2018
Exhibition and oral presentation

The Radio Frequency Equipment and Technology Section from the Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality (TEC-EFE) of European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is organising the 7th edition of the International Workshop on Microwave Filters (IWMF'18).

Please visit www.iwmf2018.com for further information.

At the IMST booth the new 3D EM solver EMPIRE XPU 7.6 will be presented which covers nearly all today’s design challenges for RF designers, like antennas, filters, packages, waveguides and EMC/EMI problems. EMPIRE XPU enables accurate full 3D EM design of larger and more complex structures compared to conventional EM simulation tools.

An oral presentation about "Compact 30 GHz LTCC Band Pass Filter Design" will be given in Session 3: Planar Filters on Tuesday, 14:40.