If a 3D Far field calculation has been enabled in the Postprocessing options the pattern can be displayed in the 3D mode together with the structure. Here, the display center has been shifted away from the antenna.

Far field visualization

In order to obtain far fields, a layer with property “Nearfield to Farfield transformation” has to be defined. Then the E-field and H-field around the structure is recorded on a closed surface. To display the far field, one has to define a center box which is used as the origin of the far field pattern display and assign the property of a 3D Farfield Animation Box. In most cases the far field recording box can be used for this purpose so that both properties are assigned to one layer.
Both 2D and 3D radiation patterns can be displayed which are detected in the filename box. The drawing amplitude has to be entered in units and should be in the range of the structure for a good visibility. If patterns are available for multiple frequencies, or circular polarized patterns are available, these patterns can be animated in a frequency or a phase loop, too.